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There is rising asset safety concerns and increasing consciousness in communities of security awareness.

The current issue of school safety has exposed the need for further security on school property in many municipalities.  Schools and their resource officers are at the forefront of this new technological need.


Local and national law enforcement agencies are being called upon to provide advanced infrastructural security in the wake of increased shooting crime situations.

A safe is a means of providing protection of monetary assets, arms and ammunition, documents, critical records, media files, and other valuables during a variety of circumstances such as fire, toxic incident, extreme weather condition, theft, burglary, robbery, intrusion, and others.

Managing firearms, keeping them secure, yet accessible by appropriate trained personnel, is an important issue.  One of the solutions is usage of a gun safe.

C.E. Safes can advise and consult with your department or school district’s resource officers on the appropriate safe for your security needs. We can help with key considerations in your selection of gun safe models.

C.E. Safes offers resources and instruction, along with co-ordinating in-structure delivery and installation for the safes.

We thank you for the opportunity to serve. ~ Curt Price, owner ( FLPD Ret.)

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