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Safe Guard GR Series

  • UL® Security Rating

  • Body is 12-gauge outer steel with up to 3 layers of fire insulation. Fire Protection is 1200°F 60-minute fire rating.

  • 100% continuous MIG welds and steel reinforced door casements.

  • Double-Steel Door Casement™ protects against smoke and heat.

  • Door is 3-3/4" thick with 2 layers of fire insulation.

  • Door has 7/16" reinforced door edge.

  • Door Hinges are external ball-bearing style.

  • Door Bolts are 4-way active boltworks, 1-inch diameter.

  • Door Detent™ System and Roughneck™ Bolt Guides.

  • Auto-Relock System™ provides additional door defense.

  • Lock is Sargent & Greenleaf® Mechanical Dial Lock in chrome (LaGard Electronic lock optional)

  • Lock protected by Diamond-Embedded Armor Plate™

  • Color choice is textured finish – Light Granite or Sandstone.

  • Handle is 3 - Spoke Chrome.

  • Interior is plush velour – Grey color with Light Granite safes or Tan color with Sandstone safes.

  • Accessories included: Door Organizer with pistol holders and door pockets.

  • Manufacturer Lifetime Warranty on safe repair or replacement


Product Description

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