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Intro to Our Property Security Blog

The first blog in our series of Property Security Blogs

An image of Curt Price, founder of C.E. Safes

I did not realize in 1980 when I became employed in Law Enforcement that I was preparing for a future in the safe industry some 12 years later.

A career in Law Enforcement involved many responsibilities. As a patrolman I trained for and carried out security functions.  I was a “grunt” in patrol for over 20 years.  In addition, I was also involved in several training areas within the department.  Training responsibilities allowed me to attend some excellent schools, while road patrol duties allowed me to see and conduct initial investigations with crime victims.

I started in Law Enforcement when I was 26 years old.  To be frank, my life experiences, including a university degree in Criminal Justice, did NOT prepare me for “police reality”.  It took me years to truly find a personal stability in character to maturely handle the day to day challenges that are inherent in Law Enforcement.

So you say… “OK, fine.  What does this have to do with buying a safe?” My answer is “Much more than you realize”.  Let me begin to explain.

Law Enforcement forces many in that profession to develop a security mindset. Working in both patrol and training allowed me to see two different perspectives in developing this security mindset.  I regularly interacted with crime victims. Most were unprepared for the unforeseen events that happened so quickly, leaving feelings of bewilderment, confusion, frustration, anger, and emotional pain, to name a few.  Victims were unprepared because they did not have a security plan.

A primary focus of my business is to help my customers to consider the importance of a security mindset toward property protection as part of the safe buying process.  That begins with offering education and information from my experiences. What I suggest you consider is the need to develop a plan for property security. A well built safe is one of many important components of the plan. That is where my company, C.E. Safes, can help.

To be continued…

~ Curt Price, founder of C.E. Safes

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