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Beginning Your Property Security Plan

Believe it or not, the information contained in the next 2 blogs may work better than most security products or components. Why? Because it may stop would be thieves from even attempting to enter your neighborhood.

Most police agencies have a crime prevention unit. These officers have been transferred to a specialized unit. They are sent to specific schools that offer training in preventing crime. The information is often broad but significant. These officers will go to your place of living and conduct a security survey.

This survey will include simple no cost behaviors - such as:

  • keeping your property well groomed

  • always picking up any newspapers thrown on lawns

  • keeping your landscape open that prevents would be thieves a place of concealment

  • arranging for mail to be picked up while you vacation

The officer will then talk about "target hardening" products designed to make

your property more resistant from being entered. These officers will not necessarily offer specifics of each security product or service. That would later be done by businesses involved in the specific security field, like my company, in safes.

When you speak to the crime prevention officer, ask the officer if the agency 

provides a social media site for current crime trends by area. 

This is usually a no cost service for you--what I call a start to putting your security plan in place.

To be continued…

~ Curt Price, founder of C.E. Safes

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