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Throughout the internet, small safe sites are filled with inexpensive, minimal build, Chinese imports.  Price is the overall sales point, not quality of build.

The English language is in its glory when a company is trying to market their product to unsuspecting potential buyers.  The market for small safes has been overrun with these low cost, low quality imports. American manufacturers cannot make a profit on small safes, so almost all small inexpensive safes are made in China.  If the small safe lines are made in America, they are typically described as “massive composite doors”, meaning 12 gauge, or less, steel content in the door (less than 1/8-inch) and the same 12 gauge steel in the body.

Simply put, the build of these safes make them highly vulnerable to be defeated because the steel is too thin to resist a forceful attack in many instances, or they are carried away.

At C.E. Safes, we do not promote or carry many brands in the small safe category.  Our two brands are the Heirloom Series, made from the gun safe industry, and the Inkas RSC Series, made from the commercial safe industry.

The Heirloom Series is unique in that it is a much heavier build than other competing brands from the gun safe industry in the same size category.  Made in seven small sizes, with 3 different grades of metal –

1/4-inch plate steel door with 10 gauge body

3/8-inch plate steel door with 3/16-inch body

1/2-inch plate steel door with ¼-inch body

You can order the Heirloom Series in basic black texture with gray specs finish, or optional gloss colors listed.


The standard 60 minute fire liner can be upgraded to 90 minutes or 120 minutes.


The locking mechanism is a S&G (Sargent & Greenleaf) dial with an optional electronic lock upgrade available.


The H48 size (best seller) and H54 size interiors can be ordered for long rifle storage or all shelf layouts as standard.


The Heirloom Series size specs, with the exception of the H54, were designed to fit a small confined footprint of 21” wide and 22” total depth (with lever style handle) and a height of 24” to 48”.


In the realm of small residential home and office safes, the Heirloom Series is a top value!


The Heirloom Series is an American made product made on American soil - MAGA

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