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INKAS Saturn Series TL30x6

  • UL TL-30×6 certified

  • 2 hour fire protection

  • Large 1.5" diameter chrome plated steel bolts and force resistive handle

  • 4" thick construction body and 4" thick construction door

  • UL certified Group 2M manipulation resistant combination lock with spy spoof dial (other lock options available)

  • 1/2" Ballistic Steel plate inside the door protecting the locks from frontal attack

  • 1/4" thick Ballistic Steel plate inside the body protecting the bolts from from side attack

  • Additional 1/4" thick full size Ballistic Steel plate barrier increasing protection from ALL SIDES attack

  • Full composite construction comprised of the highest quality barrier material enclosed within heavy steel plates (12Ga steel body, 1/4" thick steel door & frame, additional layer Ballistic steel barrier)

  • Sophisticated Glass Protected Relocking System is activated and locked when attacked

  • High quality 1.5" diameter heavy duty adjustable hinges

  • Custom sizes and interiors available

Product Description

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