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Fort Knox Executive

  • Body is unibody 1/4″ steel construction.

  • Door is overall 1-3/4″ thick and has over 1/2” total steel. A 10-gauge outer steel plate is reinforced with a full 3/8” steel inner plate. Fort Knox refers to this door construction as a Reinforced Door.

  • Door bolts are active, 4-way, 1-1/2″ diameter on top, bottom, and sides.

  • Door Hinges are ball bearing, interior or exterior style.

  • Fire rating is certified for 90 minutes @ 1680 degrees. (2 Hour option)

  • U.L. Listed burglary protection

  • Lock is S&G Group II U.L. mechanical dial (Redundant Dual Locks or Electronic lock optional).

  • Lock Protected by multi-bearing, drill-stop hard plate, and relocking devices.

  • Exterior Paint finish in 4 texture colors or 15 gloss colors with gold, silver chrome, or black chrome trim.

  • Handle is five-spoke in gold, silver chrome, or black chrome.

  • Interior is fully upholstered 2-tone carpet – silver or beige. (Optional velour)

  • Layout is available in multiple styles.

  • Accessories included: Door Organizer and Internal power receptacle & cord.

  • Multiple Steel Upgrade build options available.

Product Description

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