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C.E. Safes offers customized wood drawer cabinets that are built to fit your safe, and your budget.  No drawer cabinet is the same. Each unit is crafted to accommodate your storage requirements with fabric trays in different styles for small items and drawers for hanging files.

The pull-out trays slide, like drawers, revealing the open compartments arranged for watches, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, chains, etc.  The wood cabinets can also be built with drawer fronts, which create a look of elegance and luxury.  The fabric trays sit inside the drawers that pull-out, so the trays are not visible from the outside.

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Organizing your safe is with custom cabinetry is on the wish list of many customers.  Your jewelry, watches, and paper items are usually in containers and folders that are awkward to locate and identify inside a safe with standard shelving. However, in most “custom cabinetry safes” on the internet, the safe quality is less of a priority than the cabinetry to keep the price of the unit down. Custom cabinetry is often more expensive than the safe and is a hidden cost built into the complete price.

Unit shown with drawer fronts.

Different finishes available.

Unit shown with sliding pull-out trays.

Different fabrics, styles, and wood available.

Unit shown with sliding pull-out trays and drawers.

Different fabrics, styles, and wood available.

Unit shown with pull-out drawer tray inserts.

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