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Our Moving Services:

  • Room to room

  • Structure to Structure

  • City to different city

  • South Florida to mid / upper Florida

  • We have equipment necessary to climb stairs.

Our Equipment Capability Includes:

  • Moves to upper floors.

  • Arranging for hoist jobs when necessary.

  • Building custom ramps.

  • Unloading from, or onto moving trucks at your location.

Complete Delivery:

We don't just stop at the curb. We deliver into your house or business and place the safe where you need it.  We respect your property and privacy and use the highest levels of care when handling your safe. Our trucks are not marked with our company name or with any advertising about safes.  Your privacy is further protected during the moving process with the concealment of your safe, as much as possible.

C.E. Safes since 1989, has delivered the safes we sell.  However, a substantial part of our business is moving or relocating safes, including our own, and safes purchased from other suppliers. We can deliver and install your safe at its location in your home or office.

Commercial & Residential:

We have the capability of moving commercial safes up to 6,000 lbs. and residential small and large safes, including gun safes and jewelry safes.

Delivery Shipping

Our company has arguably delivered more safes into homes and businesses that any other company in Florida over the past 20 years.

We are a business worth your consideration.

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