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Who We Are

C.E. Safe’s specialty is providing knowledge about important security features most others do NOT talk about. Our priority is to find out what your security needs are. At C.E.Safes, we take time to explain, educate, and inform you about the security features of different products, so you understand what you are buying. If you visit our Deerfield store, be prepared to be greeted by our rescued feline mascots, Scout, Maverick, Snowball, Scooter, and Skipper.

One of Florida’s Largest Safe Companies

We sell many types and styles of safes for residential and business use. C.E. Safes has gun safes, jewelry safes, burglary-fire home office safes, vault room doors, security doors, and other products.

Established Family Business

My wife, Elizabeth, and I started C.E. Safes in 1989.  Since then, we have grown to become one of the largest regional distributors of gun and valuable safes in Florida and the southeastern U.S.  We represent major manufacturers like Fort Knox, Superior, and other brands in the gun safe industry.  We represent the Inkas brand of home-office safes in the high security industry.  We offer you specialized experience, knowledge, and product availability not found in sports discount stores, big box stores, locksmith or gun shops.

Law Enforcement Expertise

Curt Price, was in Law Enforcement in South Florida for 21 years. Curt handled the initial investigations of property losses due to theft, burglary, and violence. He earned State of Florida certifications in Property Protection, plus Firearms and Use of Force Instructor certifications.

Large Showrooms

We have two large Florida showrooms, one in Deerfield Beach and the other in Fort Myers. We have one of the largest inventories of gun and valuable safes in the southeastern U.S.  We offer complete in-home delivery, installation, and safe moves throughout Florida.

Curt Price, owner of C.E. Safes

Curt Price

Founder of C.E. Safes

Perhaps I view the industry differently than competitors because of the nature of my experiences in Law Enforcement.  I have seen first hand the pain and anger resulting from theft of property.  To me, buying a safe is serious business, with potentially serious consequences.  When the gun safe industry changes its standards in the quality and integrity of the safe construction, as has occurred in the past 12 to 13 years, without explanation to the consumer, it is concerning to me.  Many of the safes that have flooded the market today are vulnerable to failure against common methods of attack.

I encourage you to be careful and thoughtful, exercising due diligence in the purchase of a safe.

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